Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader we have confirmation of the 2020 JCW GP Nurburgring time. For those new to such things, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife is an epic track in Germany that is seen by many as the ultimate test for a performance car. With 13 miles, 160 corners and extreme elevation changes the Nürburgring-Nordschleife gives automakers the ultimate way to quantify performance. It wasn’t long ago that a time under 8:30 for a road car was seen as exceptional. The 2nd generation JCW GP did the ‘Ring in 8:23 seconds back in 2013 and that was a 20 second improvement over the first generation. However this 3rd generation GP with 300 hp and much more aggressive aero appears to have scorched the track with a 7:56.69.

2020 JCW GP
2020 JCW GP

While that’s impressive it’s not close to the fastest front wheel drive cars like the Renault Megan RS Trophy or the Honda Civic Type R.

1. Renault Megane RS Trophy.R = 7.40.10 minutes
2. Honda Civic Type R = 7.43.80 minutes
3. VW Golf GTI Clubsport = 7.47.19 minutes

4. MINI Cooper JCW GP = 7.56.69 minutes

Still MINI shouldn’t hang its head on that number. The GP is likely going to be designed as a more livable everyday track car compared to those that are faster. And it wasn’t that long ago when an M5 couldn’t do a 7:56 and a Ferrari 430 could only manage a 7:55.