Taken directly from the Rolls Royce parts bin, MINI has released new center caps that always stay right-side up. They do with by being both weighted and designed to rotate as the car is moving. Sound a bit insane? Perhaps, but if you’re a type-A MINI owner, this could be the best accessory you’ll ever buy.

Mini center caps

Mini center caps

Official release: Always Up MINI Center Caps

It’s often the little things that boost hallmark MINI driving fun even more. For example a testing look at the hubcabs of a MINI can reveal a driver’s true style. This is made possible by the new wheel hubcaps for MINI and John Cooper Works models in the MINI Original Accessory range. They don’t rotate with the wheel when driving and always show the brand logo in horizontal position. This innovative detail provides an amazing effect and makes the light alloy wheels even more attractive to look at.

Not upside down, not sideways, not diagonal – the position of the MINI and John Cooper Works logo always remains in the upright position even when the car is in motion with these new hubcaps. This is thanks to the floating hubcap design. Precisely positioned weights on the front of the cap and a flexible connection to the wheel hub extension ensure that the hubcaps remain horizontal when driving.

The standard covers can be swapped easily for the new wheel hubcaps in a few simple moves. They are available in two versions, either with the MINI or the John Cooper Works logo. The wheel hubcaps can be purchased both at the MINI subsidiaries and MINI partners as well as from the online MINI Shop.