If you count all of our contributors we have lots of MINIs. But there’s only one official test MINI year after year. And every year we try to pick one that appeals to our readers whether that be a back to basics Cooper S or our current ride a loaded (manual) JCW Countryman.

What’s next? While the all electric Cooper SE is intriguing it won’t be available for media like us until well into 2020. Same with that outrageous GP (which we can’t wait to drive). But that’s really all well and good because there’s only one MINI that has us really excited right now. The one with six doors, 301 hp and all-wheel drive – the 2020 JCW Clubman.

2020 JCW Clubman New mini

2020 JCW Clubman New mini

We’ve had two Clubman previously including a 2017 JCW iteration with 228 hp. We loved that car and, much as we have connected with our manual JCW Countryman this year, miss it dearly. It represented great packaging, interesting design and good performance. But sometimes good isn’t enough. We were often left wanting more out of a car that felt like it could handle more power. Now for 2020 we have it.

BMW X2 M35i

Having driven the X2 M35i we have a sense of what we’re about to get into. A MINI that can provide neck-snapping acceleration while remaining tranquil around town. It’s also a MINI that can easily accommodate four adults while still feeling comparatively mini to the competition.

Luckily our 17 year publication run and good standing with MINI USA has afforded us many a press car over the years. However we still weren’t sure if the stars would align this time. It’s a brand-new model which typically means it will be in tight supply – especially for press. Yet after a few phone calls and some planning we got the green light. Emphasis on green.

So we’re happy to announce we’ll be picking up a Rebel Green MINI JCW Clubman this November from BMW’s South Carolina performance center. The plan will be to road trip back to Chicago via the Dragon among other roads in the region. Then it’s the duty of daily driving which we’ll be reporting on both here and on Instagram over the course of 12 months.

We’re finalizing specs as we speak so look for details soon. Also look for our JCW Countryman long-term wrap-up in the coming days.