Earlier this year we broke the story that MINI would not just eliminate some manual MINI models from the line-up but temporarily stop selling manuals altogether. The production stop began in July and was the result of more stringent emission certifications. More specifically the delay is caused by calibration testing that was to take place late this summer.

MotoringFile sat down with head of MINI USA Communications Andrew Cutler to get insight on this production delay and what it means, and doesn’t mean, for the brand in the US. The short answer is that, despite MINI USA sales being up over the last two months, it’s expected to negatively impact some of MINI’s most core models – the hatch and specifically the JCW hatch.

manual MINI
manual MINI

When Can I Order a Manual MINI?

Over the last few months we’ve heard from a number of you frustrated with the inability to order the car you want and for the lack of info dealers seem to have. The unfortunate truth is that MINI USA (like all of us) is in a holding pattern until the testing has been finished and certified.

When will that be done and manual MINIs be back on lots? Our estimate remains late this fall but we’ve reached out to MINI for further comment. Until then feel free to commiserate in the comments below.