The MINI Pavillon is designed to be a loving and breathing embodiment of the MINI brand in Munich. The first of its kind, the MINI Pavillon brings together not just MINI products and goods and services that reflect the brands aspirations as well.

Our take? Designed for an urban environment, it’s exceptionally well designed and curated. While it’s a European concept, we could see it at home in New York or Chicago As a great way to introduce people to the brand that would never go out of their way to foot in a MINI store. That said, in suburban environments the concept would very likely fall flat, not unlike much of the European centric products and advertising from a few years back.

However for those living in or visiting Munich, it’s a must see.

Mini Pavillon

Press release: The MINI Pavillon opens its doors on 12 October 2019 at Lenbachplatz in Munich. As part of the Bauhaus-inspired Neue Maxburg, it will provide an exceptional place of encounter for all residents of the Bavarian capital, focusing on the MINI brand along with partners Herzog, MATES, VIU, Harman Kardon and BARBER HOUSE. With its attractive architecture, the MINI Pavillon offers a new concept geared towards urban flair and shared space. People can drop in to meet a friend for a coffee at the Herzog bar, work in the spaces provided by co-working specialist MATES, arrange an appointment at BARBER HOUSE, choose new glasses at VIU or relax to music in the Harman Kardon Lounge – all this is possible under a single roof at the MINI Pavillon. Visitors can also find out about the full range of MINI models in detail and arrange test drives. In addition, the MINI Pavillon will serve as an outstanding event space and universal dialogue platform at the heart of the city.

The MINI Pavillon on Lenbachplatz combines timeless, Bauhaus-inspired architecture with cutting-edge technology. Originally built in the 1960s and used as a showroom from 2003 onwards, the Pavillon is now regarded as a true synthesis of the arts with its roots in the Maxburg and its adaptation to contemporary needs. Having undergone extensive renovation, the building is now being re-opened to embrace this unique concept combining relaxation, information, work, networking and shopping.

Bernd Körber, Head of MINI: “As an urban brand, MINI has always been closely involved with city mobility. Our new urban store concept in collaboration with exciting partners reflects this philosophy and provides an attractive offer for all visitors to Munich.”

The highlight of the opening will be the new fully electric MINI Cooper SE* – a convincing, attractive and sustainable solution for city-dwellers.

Our urban store concept partners

Local catering specialist Herzog will be represented in the Pavillon with the Herzog Hofladen and bar. Herzog is a trendsetter in the restaurant trade with an authentic Munich blend of business, mall browsing, history and lifestyle. Anyone looking to enjoy a coffee or lunch in a diversified setting will find Herzog in the MINI Pavillon an appealing choice.

MATES is a co-working space and network for Munich’s creative professionals, offering stylish workplaces, modern team offices and meeting rooms that can be booked flexibly by the hour or day. In addition to its existing sites in Lehel and Maxvorstadt, the company now opens its third space in the MINI Pavillon.

The VIU Spectacle Boutique offers fine design and high-precision craftsmanship. VIU correction spectacles and sunglasses combine timeless aesthetic appeal with innovative technology. As far as VIU is concerned, fair prices and a transparent production process go without saying.

Harman Kardon: At the MINI Pavillon visitors can experience the premium sound of Harmon Kardon in the MINI vehicles on display. In addition to this, the Harman Kardon Lounge in the MINI Pavillon provides a quiet, relaxing spot for a personal consultation on all MINI models – with an impressive background sound from speakers supplied by longstanding brand partner Harmon Kardon. Like the HARMAN Experience Store in nearby Sendlinger Strasse, the Harman Kardon Lounge offers customers and potential customers a future-oriented retail setting where the Harman Kardon brand world can be experienced at first hand, including the Harman Kardon premium sound as an in-car equipment option.

BARBER HOUSE provides a stylishly fitted barber’s shop in the MINI Pavillon, offering everything for gentlemen from haircuts and beard styling to wet shaves. Here, classic skills are combined with a service that is both authentic and personal.

Virtual reality technology in the MINI Pavillon: sales consultants from MINI Munich provide on-site consultation. In order to ensure that customers can find out about the brand’s entire model range, virtual reality technology is available which means that, in addition to the vehicles on display, all models can be experienced realistically on large monitors or using VR headsets – a modern interpretation of the traditional MINI motto “creative use of space”.