MINI Cooper SE looks to be a hit – at least in Europe. BMW recently announced it’s October sales number (more on that in a second) and let slip that it’s seen 78,000 pre-sales of the electric MINI Cooper SE.

MINI Cooper SEMINI Cooper SE

That’s a legitimate number and a good sign to how successful the Cooper SE might ultimately me. This is the first time MINI has ever run a pre-sales program and sales are well ahead of expectations according to MINI. But what exactly constitutes a sale here? To pre-order the Cooper SE you need to put down a £500 refundable deposit via the MINI website. While it’s not binding it’s a level of commitment similar to what Tesla asked for with the Model 3 pre-orders.

While that figure is huge, MINI can’t count it as actual sales. Those numbers don’t look quite as good. MINI brand sales in the year to the end of October totalled 288,613 units worldwide (-2.3%). Sales for the month of October were lower, at 27,589 units (-6.2%).

But things are clearly looking up for MINI. The brand saw a sizable increase in JCW sales as well as the Cooper SE outlook being bright.