Today was a good day. Not only did we get some hands-on time with the 301 HP JCW GP. We also got some track time chauffeured by the very man who developed its chassis. Early conclusions? It’s always hard to get a know a car from the passenger seat. However we know enough about this car and the current JCW range to get a feel for its performance.

In talking with the lead engineer one thing is very clear – this is by far the fastest GP of all time. In fact they couldn’t really benchmark against the previous GPs because of the dramatic performance differences.

JCW GP Video

They also made the driving experience unabashedly front wheel drive. That means MINI specifically wanted this car to feel raw and “not too clean” in the words of the lead engineer. What that will mean in our hands and yours remains to be seen. But it was clear that there was precision in every input and reaction despite 300 HP going through the front tires.

JCW GP Video

The soundtrack? Undetermined as this was a European spec car with the WLTP regulated plumbing. But MINI has assured us that the non-Euro cars will be the best sounding GPs sold. Yes America – you’re finally getting something better than Europe.

Checkout the video for much more and let us know what you think of the all new JCW GP at first glance.