2019 MINI USA sales are in and as expected the numbers are down. But first let’s take a look at December.
For the month MINI USA reported 2,310 vehicles sold, a decrease of 17.4 percent from the 2,797 in the same month a year ago. For the year 2019 MINI sales decreased by the same amount, 17.4 percent. Total units sold were 36,092 compared to the 43,684 vehicles sold in 2018.

2019 MINI USA Sales: Pre-Owned Vehicles

MINI Pre-Owned sales were also down but not as much. MINI’s CPO program sold 930 vehicles, a decrease of 5.9 percent from December 2018. Total MINI Pre-Owned sold 2,341 vehicles, a decrease of 4.9 percent from December 2018.

2019 MINI USA Sales

It’s no surprise that sales are down for the year. While we saw a small bounce back for a few months, the automotive market has been dominated by large trucks and SUVs thanks for cheap gas and plenty of easy borrowing. Where does that leave MINI USA? As we heard in several interviews throughout the year, focused on profit and delivering the right products to the US.

We suspect that these sales trends will also result in a larger crossover in the product portfolio in the next generation car as well as some interesting shorter-term revisions. And for 2020 the all-electric Mini Cooper SE and revised Countryman (coming later in the year) should help in various ways.