MINI dealers are continuing their consolidation amid stagnant sales. That’s the word from Automotive News who spent some time looking at the data.

Last year MINIUSA made the official call that dealers could deviate from the long-standing policy of having an exclusive showroom. Since then, the number of Mini-exclusive dealerships fell to 82, down 11 since 1/1/19.

Mini usa mini dealers

Six MINI dealers closed in 2019 and a dealer with two Locations in Chicago consolidated into one. Four MINI dealers were integrated into BMW dealers in 2019, 15 more are in process and five dealers are interested, according to MINI.

We spoke to MINIUSA last year about the topic and it was evident that they were focused on not leaving key markets according to MINI USA’s Head of Sales Claude Bruni.

“What we don’t want is for our customers to feel abandoned when there are these types of transitions. And if they have questions or concerns about a closure we’d love to hear from them directly”.

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