The 306 Hp 2020 JCW Clubman has been the best MINI daily driver we’ve ever owned. That’s our conclusion after 10,000 miles and over four months of ownership. In this video we give you a one-take review of the car and what it’s like to live with; the good, the weird, and the fun.

We’ve got some unique insight here given that we just got out of the 228 hp JCW Countryman and before that, the 228 hp JCW Clubman. So is the upgrade worth it? Given that MINI has held the line on pricing (this 306 hp car actually cost less than our less equipped JCW Countryman) we’d say it’s a no brainer. In numbers that means the base MSRP of the 2020 JCW Clubman is $39,400 while our loaded version had an MSRP at $47,250. That’s $1,500 less than our outgoing 2018 JCW Countryman (which had fewer options).

2020 JCW Clubman

While you can’t get a manual anymore, the automatic is so good, and the old manual so mediocre that we don’t mind the limitation given the massive upgrade (even if we didn’t agree a year ago).

Check out the full review above in our one-take video review. And lookout for the major fail at the end.