COVID-19 has made MINI make a name change to a key option on the new electric MINI Cooper SE. The optional yet iconic MINI wheel on the Cooper SE was launched as the Corona Spoke. As you can imagine that doesn’t quite fly these these days and thus MINI has made a change.

Cooper_SE F56 electric MINI Cooper SE Electric

Given its design inspiration being the UK power socket, MINI has changed the name to the Power Spoke. You’ll notice the change was rolled out quickly as the name has been eliminated in all of MINI’s print and digital content. Even vehicle stickers have all been altered eliminating all instances of the corona name.

Wheel name aside we’ve enjoyed our early experiences in the electric MINI Cooper SE. What we loved (among many things) about our time with the Cooper SE, is that it feels so authentically “MINI”. The MINI Cooper SE harkens back to the mission of the very first Mini developed by Sir Alec Issigonis in 1959 – to develop a creative solution for a highly efficient car with a small footprint that was fun to drive, and accessible to the masses. And it feels like a MINI perhaps even more so than the petrol powered Cooper and Cooper S.

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