The MINI community and the independent businesses that support it are suffering. Let’s give them a hand.

The changing automotive landscape has seen MINI shrink in sales and prominence in key markets over the last few years. Despite these changes the MINI community has remained strong with great independent companies creating unique products and offering amazing service. However what they are facing now is nothing short of life or death. If possible, it’s time for each of us to help.

How bad is it? While we can’t speak for individual companies, we all know that the economy has hit pause around the world in a major way. Our ad revenue is down 80% over the last 45 days and word from our sources is that MINI sales are have tanked even worse.

What You Can Do

Companies like MotoringStripes, OutMotoring, Detroit Tuned and CravenSpeed have been supporting the community for years. Now it’s time to support them and others. How can you help? Simple. If you’re able, the best way is to help with your wallet. That could mean buying those grille changes, stripes, wheels or that exhaust you’ve been eyeing. It could also mean something as simple as buying car care products from companies like OutMotoring rather than Amazon.

You could go even further. Have you been toying with the idea of a new car? Sure there has never been a better time to buy due to great financing and plenty of deals. But more importantly there are plenty of independently owned MINI dealers that are hurting and potentially facing an uncertain future. Giving them either sales or service business right now would help people who have made it their job to work within the MINI world.

Our Offer to the MINI Community

If you own or operate a independent MINI related business we want to give you free advertising for the month of May. It’s pretty simple. Drop us a line via the contact form and let us know the name of the company and the business you’re in. Then shoot us a 640×480 ad and we’ll throw it on the site for the month.

Stay safe everyone.