The Dakar rally team X-raid knows MINIs. They’ve won the five times with them over the past eight years and have a history of off-road innovation. Now they’re applying a bit of X-raid magic to the F60 MINI Countryman.

x-raid countryman

X-raid started with increasing ground clearance of up to four centimeters via a combination of a body lift kit and larger rims and tires. X-raid uses the more robust rims, together with tires with a higher sidewall for more durability. An additional rim ring is used making it not necessary to replace the complete rim in case of damage. The side benefit is that this ring also conceals some of the sidewall height.

Up top additional LED headlights allow better vision and a lightweight aluminium roof rack allows for more space for extras. Additionally X-raid offers a design package, consisting of MINI Piano Black elements and orange X-raid design accents. The whole package, or individual elements, can be inquired about via email

x-raid countryman

The Background

X-raid Countryman was created out of necessity and with a wealth of experience gained during the iconic Dakar rally. X-raid not only gained this experience when preparing the rally cars themselves but also the the service fleet. This fleet support the crew and transports team members from one bivouac to the next. In total they cover thousands of miles often over treacherous conditions.

The first modified X-raid MINI Countryman traveled with the team to the 2010 Dakar rally. In the years since, X-raid has iterated on that initial design improving components and adding new design touches.

The MINI Countryman was again part of the X-raid team earlier this year for the 2020 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia.