Our sources had originally billed the 2nd F5X MINI facelift to be primarily about styling. Now those same sources are telling us to expect something much more substantial. MINI is expected to include several big upgrades to petrol power trains across several models.

The biggest of those will be an optional 48v mild-hybrid version of the B48 four cylinder. While Autocar is reporting that this new version of the B48 is full-on plugin hybrid, our sources believe we’ll instead see BMW’s new 48v mild-hybrid instead.

If true that would allow several key improvements in the driving experience. The 48v mild-hybrid petrol engine will include major updates to functions such as automatic engine shutdown and offer intelligent coasting and brake energy recuperation. The engine will offer improved CO2 and MPG as well as slight performance improvements.

 MINI Facelift
No this isn’t it. But sources tell us that the Clubman’s 2020 facelift gives us a very good view of the 2021 F56 MINI Cooper facelift.

2021 MINI Facelift Background

With BMW delaying the launch of the 4th generation “new” MINI to 2023, MINI needed to keep the F56 fresh. Therefore MINI decided to split up the typical LCI into two phases. The first dropped in 2019 with minor revisions. The second will debut sometime in the first half of next year and include styling revisions to the front and rear bumpers along with refinements inside.

the most visible changes will to the front of the cars. And specially the grille. It’s becoming much more cohesive and yes larger than before. In fact our sources tell us that it’s simply a smaller version of the Clubman’s new 2020 front-end. You can clearly see the resemblance in form in this photo of several 2021 F56 mingled with a refreshed 2020 Clubman.

The F56 and F57 will also see a dedicated facelift as well.

Top photo courtesy of Autocar