In an about face, MINI has announced that they are reversing the decision to layoff 400 staff in October. According to the Oxford Daily Mail, MINI has changed course on its decision to reduce its contract staff by 400 due to increasing global demand. The cuts would have resulted in a 50% reduction in contract staff from the agency GI Group – an agency that sources and offers talent to large companies like MINI.

The move was centered around a reduction in production capacity from 1000 cars a day to between 800-900. However the increased demand for MINIs worldwide has postponed and potentially cancelled the plans altogether.

Oxford MINI Factory mini layoff

Officially, BMW is saying that the “shift pattern change at the Mini Plant, scheduled for mid-October, has been postponed due to recent and unexpected improvements in global customer demand. In light of higher than expected order volumes for Mini in October we have made the decision to maintain the three-shift pattern that we currently have in place at the plant.”