The rumors are true. MINI is working on a MINI JCW GP electric concept. But what that means for production and what’s under the likelihood of the GPE making it to production remains unclear (not too mention what’s under hood and floor). One thing that is clear is that this concept signals MINI’s intent to eventually transform the JCW sub-brand into an all electric model range.

Why is MINI spending time to develop a JCW GP electric concept if it won’t reach production? For one it proves the brand’s intent and helps prepare fans for the eventual pivot into electrification. In other words it proves that it’s not only possible but indeed pretty exciting.

jcw gp electric

What if the JCW GP electric concept does make production? It will surely be more limited the the standard GP given it will likely cost more and have a range that isn’t ideal for an entire day of track sessions. But as a halo car and something that will prove out just how fast an electric MINI can be, it would be more than interesting.

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MINI JCW Gp electric


The evolution of the MINI model range is focused on the ongoing expansion of electric mobility and offering new opportunities to experience the brand’s hallmark driving enjoyment – which also opens up new possibilities for the John Cooper Works brand. Future MINI vehicle architectures mean that extreme performance and genuine driving enjoyment will also be available with electric drive as well as combustion engines. 

“With the MINI Electric, we’ve shown how well brand-typical driving enjoyment and electric mobility can be combined. Now it’s time to translate the passion for performance of the John Cooper Works brand to electromobility. That’s why we’re working to develop concepts for electric John Cooper Works models.”

Bernd Körber
Head of MINI Brand

MINI is already making great strides when it comes to electric mobility. The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid model led to five percent of the brand’s total sales being electrified. Following the highly successful launch of the all-electric MINI Cooper SE, this share doubled to around ten per cent within just a few months. Based on this experience, and looking ahead to future technology, MINI is now preparing the next step in the development of electric John Cooper Works models.

JCW GP electric

“John Cooper Works models with conventional combustion engines will still continue to have an important role to play, to make sure we’re addressing the wishes and needs of performance enthusiasts all around the world. With this new focus on electric performance, we’re also creating the opportunity to sharpen the distinctive profile of the John Cooper Works brand more than ever before.”

Bernd Körber
Head of MINI Brand

The current focus on the development of a MINI John Cooper Works Electric demonstrates just how important electric mobility is in terms of the brand’s future direction – the goal is a unique blend of sustainability, performance and passion.

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