There have been many rumors over the last several years about the future of the two slowest selling products in MINI’s line-up; the MINI Clubman and Convertible. While both represent great offerings within their segments, their global sales are no match for the hatch or the Countryman in terms of volumes.

The Clubman in particular has had a hard time finding an audience outside of Europe as small wagon sales have slowed to a crawl in many markets. And despite MotoringFile calling the JCW Clubman the best all around MINI ever made, it’s been a hard sell for dealers. next to the taller more SUV like Countryman.

MINI Clubman

So what does this mean for the two? We asked Bernd Koerber, Global Head of MINI that directly in a recent interview. His response was expectedly vague:

2021 MINI convertible sidewalk

Not all decisions have been made in terms of next generation products yet. So (for the immediately future) we want to talk about the core portfolio …. the hatch, the countryman, a larger crossover and the engine/powertrain strategy. Then we’ll address the space the Clubman is in. But now that we have EV platform, we can begin to define various derivatives. That will happened over the next few months.

That that tells us is that Bernd Koerber and team are focused on what makes sense for the next decade rather than blindingly following tradition. While that likely doesn’t bode well for the Clubman or Convertible in their current form, we might have a surprise or two in order. The skateboard-like EV platform that MINI will use for their electric products will be easily adaptable and allow for more variation and lower costs than with traditional ICE chassis.