The future of the MINI brand starts here. Today MINI has taken the wraps off of the aggressively redesign MINI hatch and convertible showing a new design direction for the brand. With a distinctive exterior design and a host of interior and technology changes, MINI is aiming to redefine the current generation ahead of the all new 2024 MINI. And as refreshes go, this is a big one. In fact it might just be MINI’s biggest since the R50/R53 LCI in late 2004.

The idea for a 2nd refresh (or LCI) started back in October of 2017. The decision had been made to delay the introduction of the fourth generation MINI due to a change in strategy and a new partner. MINI knew a fairly rigorous refresh was in order to keep the current hatch and convertible feeling fresh well past it’s original seven year model cycle. What you see here is the result of that thinking.

2022 mini
The 2021 MINI Cooper next to the refresh 2022.

The substance in the current platform is pretty good and the quality is perfect. But from a design perspective we knew there would be a need for modernization inside and out.

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design

2022 MINI: Exterior Design

The visual differences are dramatic and create a more minimal yet aggressive look. The front of the car has been simplified by the reduction of the lower lights (which are now integrated into the standard LEDs) and the center crash structure has been made body colored. The “mouth” is now larger but also a bit better integrated into the shape of the car itself – especially on the Cooper S and JCW models.

One thing you’ll notice is a lack of faux vents and textures on the front. Oliver Heilmer and his team have gone to great lengths to reduce ornamentation and focus on functionally driven design inside and out. To that point they’ve eliminated the unnecessary lower lights and their bulbous enclosures and introduced inlets to create the air curtain effect around the front wheels reducing drag. On the Cooper S there’s also additional ducting for fresh air into the brakes and room for the lower mounted radiator.

2022 MINI

2022 MINI: Interior Design

MINI hasn’t just altered the exterior design. Inside MINI has refined and simplified the overall design and interface. Much like they did on the 2004 LCI, MINI has made the interior simpler while adding functionality. Specifically MINI is offering (finally) a heated steering wheel for the first time as well as a standard lane departure warning system (both coming to the entire MINI range for 2022).

The revised infotainment system debuts in new UI complete with widgets that allow for quicker views into navigation, audio and the like. The system promises to be better integrated with MINI’s drive modes with functionality launching as you go into Eco and Sport modes.

2022 MINI
MINI’s Head of Design Oliver Heilmer and the new Multi-Tone Roof

There are several new colors that will be introduced along side the LCI; Rooftop Grey, Island blue and Zesty Yellow (exclusive on the convertible for the first year). Perhaps the most interesting new color is actually a series of colors. The multi-tone top is a wet on wet paint job that is the first of its kind in the industry. It’s the result of MINI trying to further differentiate as other automakers have begun offering their own MINI-like contrast roof options. The first iteration is a is a mix of two blues and a black. However MINI has given us indications that, if the option is popular, other combinations will follow.

2022 MINI: Frequency Selective Damping

There’s really only one material change and it has nothing to do with the engine, transmission or even battery in the Cooper SE. All small MINIs now features frequency-selective damping as part of the optional adaptive chassis.

It achieves an optimized balance between sportiness and ride comfort through the use of continuous frequency-selective damping. An additional valve acting on the traction side takes over the task of smoothing out sudden pressure peaks within the damper. Making this possible is the speed of the adjustment – within 50 to 100 milliseconds.

Depending on the driving situation and road conditions, the damping forces
can be reduced by up to 50 percent. This is intended to significantly increase ride comfort and handling composure over rough roads. The result should be that sport mode should be less punishing on rough roads while still delivering the aggressive feel of the current system. The new damper technology is available for all model variants except the MINI One First, the MINI One and the MINI Cooper SE.

2022 MINI: Pricing

2022 MINI

In a surprising move MINI USA has held the line on most pricing for the range. Despite the new standard equipment upgrades, including the addition of LED Headlights, a new Digital Instrument Cluster, Lane Departure Warning and all the aesthetic updates, the MY 2022 MINI Hardtops and Convertibles will see only a $500 increase across most trim levels. At the same time, several highly popular trim levels will see no price increase from MY 2021 to MY 2022, including the Signature and Iconic trims on the MINI Cooper S Hardtop and MINI Cooper S Convertible, the Iconic trim on the MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop and MINI John Cooper Works Convertible. The Signature trim for both the MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop and the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible received a larger increase due to the addition of optional equipment to those trim levels.

For the third straight year, the MINI Cooper SE will not see a price increase and will remain at a with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $29,900 plus an additional $850 Destination & Handling fee. The 2022 MINI begins production in March of this year with US deliveries likely happening in late Spring.

The 2022 MINI refresh is the largest we’ve seen in almost two decades. From the design to the functionality, MINI has taken the an already good product and further modernized it. While the more aggressive design might irk some of the MINI faithful, the more we look at it, the more we love the new direction.

We’ll have much more on the new LCI including a interview with Head of MINI Design Oliver Heilmer, video walkthroughs and quick guide to all those changes. Until then see the full gallery and read the full press release compete with US market pricing below.

Official 2022 MINI Photo Gallery


MINI USA today unveiled the new MY 2022 MINI Hardtops and MINI Convertibles. The modern interpretation of the brand’s most iconic models, the new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles receive significant updates to the exterior, interior and infotainment and driving safety features while remaining authentic to the elements of the MINI DNA, including fun to drive, expressive design and personalization.These new Hardtop and Convertible models will start production in March 2021 and will include the MINI Hardtop 2 Door (Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper SE and John Cooper Works), the MINI Hardtop 4 Door (Cooper and Cooper S) and the MINI Convertible (Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works) variants.

2022 MINI

Exterior Design Highlights.

The new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles come with an array of brand-new exterior content that will excite both loyal MINI enthusiasts and new customers interested in getting behind the wheel of the definitive, premium small car in the U.S.At the front end, the new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles feature the integration of air curtains on the front bumper and removal of the fog lights to further enhance the clarity of the front end and provide improved aerodynamics. The front end now also features a new single unbroken hexagon front grille that extends low to the road with the safety bar now hidden underneath a body color panel, further accentuating the look of the iconic and recognizable face of the MINI. To meet the need for increased air cooling, the Cooper S and John Cooper Works variants also include a pair of air intakes with high-gloss black surrounds to the left and right of the central intake.

2022 MINI

The new rear bumpers also feature visual changes that give the MINI a widened geometry to emphasize a wider stance and sportiness. The rear apron also picks up the hexagonal graphic from the front end, while the iconic twin-tailpipe exhaust system is framed to sophisticated effect in one sweeping movement by body-colored surfaces. The MINI John Cooper Works also now features an eye-catching diffuser to provide the tail of the car with dynamic racing intent.

The MINI Hardtops and Convertibles also feature new side scuttle designs and wheel arch trims also help emphasis the sportiness of the vehicle. The existing wheel portfolio is also enriched to include new 17” and 18” wheels, including the new 18” Circuit Spoke 2-tone and the new 18” Pulse Spoke 2-tone.

In addition to three new exterior colors, including Island Blue, Rooftop Grey and Zesty Yellow, the new MINI Hardtops are available with a Multitone Roof, a color gradient of Soul Blue, Pearly Aqua, and Jet Black in combination with black mirror caps. This is a unique feature in the automotive industry thanks to a new, innovative painting technology at Plant Oxford.

2022 MINI

The new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles also come standard with LED headlights with a high global back inner housing. Along the side, the new models have a modernized side scuttle design including LED indicators and model specific inserts. Standard LED Headlights are coupled together with our unique Union Jack LED Taillights, which will also be included in every new MINI Hardtop and Convertible. For those seeking even more personalization and style, the optional Piano Black Exterior is now available on door handles, fuel lid (Cooper S/JCW), exhaust end pipes (Cooper/Cooper S), MINI Logos and model badges (Cooper/Cooper S/Cooper SE) in black.

The new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles also come standard with LED headlights with a high global back inner housing. Along the side, the new models have a modernized side scuttle design including LED indicators and model specific inserts. Standard LED Headlights are coupled together with our unique Union Jack LED Taillights, which will also be included in every new MINI Hardtop and Convertible. For those seeking even more personalization and style, the optional Piano Black Exterior is now available on door handles, fuel lid (Cooper S/JCW), exhaust end pipes (Cooper/Cooper S), MINI Logos and model badges (Cooper/Cooper S/Cooper SE) in black.

2022 MINI

Interior Design Highlights.

The new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles also include a variety of new features and content in the interior, with a strong focus on Infotainment & Digitalization.

When hopping into the cockpit, the driver and passenger will no doubt notice the 8.8“- screen embedded in the center instrument design, which is now standard on all models. It is combined with the all-new user experience with a completely modernized look & feel, configurable live widgets and two available color schemes (Lounge & Sport). New for the updated models, Sirius Satellite Radio is now also standard on all MINIs across the range as of Model Year 22. The new and contemporary interior atmosphere is rounded off by the new MINI Ambient Light with 6 different colors always matching perfectly to the selected mode.

In the cooler climates, the driver will also quickly notice the heated steering wheel that guarantees warm hands and comfort for maximum driving experience, even on the coldest days. The newly designed steering wheel also comes with horizontal spokes, buttons integrated in even surface with Piano Black finish, as well as a new design for the lower spoke in both steering wheel variants & sport steering wheel in leather is standard.

The new MINI Hardtops and Convertibles will now also feature increased safety with our Driving Assistant available as standard on all U.S. bound MINIs, with the inclusion of Lane Departure Warning which can actively alert the driver through steering wheel vibration. Drivers can also enjoy the comfort of our extended Active Cruise Control, which is now able to break down to 0 mph (only with automatic and dual clutch transmission).

The New MINI Cooper SE.

The new enhancements made to the MINI Hardtops certainly does not exclude the MINI Cooper SE. The fully electric variant of the MINI Hardtop will get the same exterior updates to the front and rear bumpers, side scuttles and front grille, along with the Piano Black Exterior contents mentioned above and the Multitone roof. The MINI Cooper SE creates its own identity with its yellow-accented ‘S’ and closed-off radiator grille. Additional wheels will be available for the MINI Cooper SE as of March 2021, including 16” Victory Spoke black, 17” Tentacle Spoke black and 17” Scissor Spoke 2-tone.

The MINI Cooper SE will also receive most of the interior updates as well, including the new steering wheel design, new center instrument design with 8.8” screen, heated steering wheel, lane departure warning, and Sirius Satellite Radio as standard.

MINI Electric Collection 2021.

With the MINI Electric Collection 2021 we will be introducing a unique and progressive limited edition for the MINI Cooper SE. Carefully selected adaptations on interior and exterior underline the Collection’s individual character and uniqueness.