The 2022 MINI refresh is a big one and we’re taking you to its inception. The idea for a 2nd refresh (or LCI) started way back in October of 2017. The decision had been made to delay the introduction of the fourth generation MINI due to a change in strategy and a new partner. MINI knew a fairly rigorous refresh was in order to keep the current hatch and convertible feeling fresh well past its original seven year model cycle. What you see here is the result of that thinking. 

These initial sketches show how the concept went from vision to reality in just a few years. The visual differences are dramatic and create a more minimal yet aggressive look. The front of the car has been simplified by the reduction of the lower lights (which are now integrated into the standard LEDs) and the center crash structure has been made body colored. The “mouth” is now larger but also a bit better integrated into the shape of the car itself – especially on the Cooper S and JCW models.

2022 MINI Refresh

The sketches illustrate some of the ideas even a bit more than the press photos we’ve seen. For instance the concept behind the JCW’s front bumper is more obvious here as you can clearly see the dimension better than in the Rebel Green F56 and F57 we’ve seen.

Check out the original sketches below and then with the finished product. And let us know what you think in the comments below. Did MINI achieve its vision in this refresh?