MINI’s new Multitone roof is another example of how the brand strives to be different. That differentiation has been important to owners as they look to make a style statement or simply stand-out in a sea of drab mid-sized crossovers. A key part of that differentiation has been the iconic contrast roof. For decades the contrast roof has been an iconic option in the MINI design palette that made the cars stand out and truly look different. And MINI customers have loved it as the desire for customization and new design ideas have grown over the last decade. And other automakers have taken note and have begun offering their own contrast roofs on all types of cars and crossovers. So what can MINI do to further differniate itself?

Enter the Multitone roof on the refreshed 2022 MINI. The brand knew it had to create something different. In my recent conversation with the Head of MINI Design Oliver Heilmer, the ideas started as a concept three years ago.

Multitone roof

The Multitone roof came from a design concept three years ago. We asked; is a contrast roof still unique? If not what else can we do? To bring the idea to life we worked directly with Oxford – something we really enjoyed. And we’ve learned a lot in terms of colors in the process!

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design

The multitone top is a wet on wet paint job that is the first of its kind in the industry. This first Multitone Roof is a color gradient of Soul Blue, Pearly Aqua, and Jet Black (combined with black mirror caps). However MINI has given us indications that, if the option is popular, other combinations will follow.

Multitone roof

This paint process is the first in the industry. As it involves painting layers on wet paint every single one will be subtly unique to the car.

Above all else the new Multitone roof shows the innovation that Plant Oxford is capable of and points to more of these type of options in the future.

The Multitone roof is available on the F56 Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper SE (with and without sunroofs. Market pricing of the option will be announced shortly.

MINI Multitone Roof Gallery