Welcome to MotoringFile’s MINI Podcast A few weeks back I sat down with Department Head or Marketing, Product, Events and Strategy MINI USA to talk all things MINI. While this was recorded just before the recent F56 LCI debuted, there was a lot to discuss over the last ten years that Pat has been with the brand. We touched on everything from the revised Countryman, Oxford Edition, the history of diesels and even how close MINI USA came to offering steel wheels on some models.

It’s a must hear interview for any MINI fan but especially those of you who (like us) find the product development side of MINI absolutely fascinating.

You night also notice the name. With Whiteroofradio on a bit of a break we’re starting a series simply called the MINI Podcast as a place to publish some of the hours and hours of audio we’ve collected over the years. Whether they be our own reviews or interviews with MINI designers and executives, this channel is a place we’ll be adding more content in the weeks and months ahead.