Let’s be honest. The refreshed 2022 MINI four door isn’t the best looking product MINI makes. But while we vastly prefer the slightly larger Clubman, there are those F55 devotees that adore this car’s combination of small footprint and four doors.

For 2022 the MINI four door (or five door as it’s called outside North America) has been updated along with it’s smaller two door counterpart. Like the smaller MINI, the Four Door sees a raft of updates outside and in.

2022 MINI Four Door Gallery

What Has Changed with this Refresh?

Nevermind that this is an F56 Hatch. All updates apply to the F55 Four Door as well.

Why is the MINI Four Door getting a second refresh?

The decision had been made to delay the introduction of the fourth generation MINI due to a change in strategy and a new partner. MINI knew a fairly rigorous refresh was in order to keep the current hatch and convertible feeling fresh well past it’s original seven year model cycle. What you see here is the result of that thinking.

Have Prices Increased?

In most cases (shockingly) no. MINI Hardtops (2 and 4 doors) and Convertibles will see only a $500 increase across most trim levels. At the same time, several highly popular trim levels will see no price increase from MY 2021 to MY 2022, including the Signature and Iconic trims on the MINI Cooper S Hardtop and MINI Cooper S Convertible, the Iconic trim on the MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop and MINI John Cooper Works Convertible. The Signature trim for both the MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop and the MINI John Cooper Works Convertible received a larger increase due to the addition of optional equipment to those trim levels.

When Do They Arrive?

Production starts in March with US deliveries likely in late Spring.

What Does this Mean for MINI as a Brand?

Let’s let Bernd Körber, Oliver Heilmer, Petra Beck and Rauno Aaltonen tell us themselves: