In a move that has been telegraphed by MINI and BMW executives, MINI is reportedly set to announce it’s plans to become all electric by 2030. According to Automotive News Europe the official news will drop on March 17th with BMW’s annual report announcement.

Of course none of this is a surprise to MotoringFile readers. MINI executives have gone on record several times over the last few years that their intention was to move the brand to an all electric one in the years ahead. What this means in terms of product is a bit complicated. Yes MINI will introduce several all electric models with it’s next generation cars. Along with this will be a dedicated electric platform that will underpin many of the brand’s more future leaning products.

mini electric

MINI is planning on rolling out its last petrol powered models in 2025 and hopes to see electric models making up half of sales by 2027. That should pave the way for the brand to transition to all electric by 2030 globally.

You can read our recent interview with Bernd Köerber and Oliver Heilmer, Vice President MINI Design for some insight into the design and strategy for the next generation of cars.

While this plan will likely appeal to MINI fans is more urban areas, there will undoubtedly be pushback from those in places like the United States where MINI sees much of its sales outside of city centers. How the brand will answer to that has yet to be seen.

Look for further details as BMW CEO Oliver Zipse is set to announce the plan on March 17.