The all new MINI App is finally launching in the US and it’s a major improvement over the current experience. From remote vehicle functionality to interfacing with electric MINIs more effectively, the new MINI App looks to offer more usable everyday functionality while staying simple to use.

Perhaps the bigger benefit is that the app is now built onto of a all new scalable universal architecture that will facilitate quicker updates across both iOS and Android. That will allow future features such as remote software updates and digital keys to be enabled quickly (we expect both in the next generation MINIs).

The new MINI App will likely launch in the second week of April to U.S. customers on both iOS and Android compatible mobile devices.

Here are a few of the highlights that are core to the new MINI App:

  • REMOTE ACCESS TO VEHICLE STATUS AND FUNCTIONS: The new MINI App is the new universal interface to the vehicle. It displays information about the status of the vehicle and offers access to remote services such as locking and unlocking the doors and locating the car via the “Vehicle Finder” button.
  • AMAZON ALEXA INTEGRATION: The new MINI App also provides integration with Amazon Alexa in vehicles from model year 2019 onwards. Once customers have linked their Amazon account to the app, the voice service can be activated with the touch of a button on the steering wheel and prompting “Alexa”. This makes it possible for customers to use voice control to play music, call up messages, control compatible smart home devices and access a wide range of functions via Amazon Alexa.
  • SMART SERVICES FOR ELECTRIFIED MINI OWNERS: The new MINI App offers services for the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid and the all-electric MINI Cooper SE, with an improved overview of electric range as well as charging status. Using the app’s Charge and Climate Timer Function, customers can optimize the charging process by defining specific time windows and departure times. In addition, the vehicle’s interior can be pre-conditioned (heating in winter or cooling in summer) to increase comfort.
  • NAVIGATION FEATURES ON THE GO: Destinations are easy to find using the integrated search function and can be sent directly from the app to the vehicle’s navigation system. It is also possible to send destinations from third-party apps. The map shows the current traffic situation, fueling and charging stations as well as parking facilities.
  • THE SHORTEST WAY TO MINI SERVICE. The new MINI App allows customers to keep an eye on their vehicle’s service requirements. Depending on the preferences set, customers may receive notifications to the new MINI App when their vehicle requires service. They can then schedule a service appointment with their MINI dealer through the new MINI App. MINI Roadside Assistance can also be reached via the app in the event support is needed. With authorization, service staff can see the location of the vehicle and its status for immediate over-the-air assistance.
New mini app


MINI USA announced today the launch of a new MINI App that provides customers a new level of connectivity and digital services for their vehicles. The new MINI App features a new design along with an intuitive, simplified user experience, that offers updated features and information, including services for customers with electrified MINIs.

The new generation app supersedes the MINI Connected App, further expanding the seamless integration of features to enhance the digital customer experience. The new MINI App runs on both iOS and Android operating systems and is now available to be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Mini app

Underpinning the rapid expansion of the new MINI App’s content and its fast-paced rollout is an innovative, scalable and universal software architecture. This has been developed fully in-house by the BMW Group using Flutter, an open-source UI development kit from Google for the Dart programming language.

Its scalable universal architecture will support future requirements, allowing new functions and customer requests to be easily and quickly implemented. This helps to pave the way for constant advances, with rolling updates that allow functionality to be improved and expanded.

The US launch of the new MINI App is part of a global roll-out that began last July, and by mid-2021 the new MINI App will have been launched in more than 40 countries and 23 languages around the world.