In 2002 with MINI debuted in the US it was the only small premium product in the marketplace. In fact it was arguably the first. And now it appears to be not only the last premium small car but it may be one of the only small cars sold in the US shortly.

With the VW Golf and Honda Fit gone in the US and GM finding it more profitable forgoing the small car market, things are suddenly looking bleak for fans of the classic hatch. Moreover the car market is growing on the top-end with higher priced crossovers and trucks dominating and producing massive industry profits. Look in your local parking lots and you’ll see the results – large grey, black and white tricks, crossovers and SUVs dominate the US landscape.

small car

What does that mean for MINI drivers? Simply put we are becoming, once again, entirely unique. As was the case in the US circa 2002, buying a MINI hatch is a choice that marks us as different. Perhaps better informed. Perhaps smarter. But definitely different.

MINIUSA stands in stark contrast of this trend. Hatch sales are up for the year and the recently released Oxford Edition hatch once again means there’s a well specced MINI for under $20,000.