It’s good to be back. All MINIs, all the time here this week. I have joined the F56 club, Gabe has added an Oxford Edition to his garage, and Todd just ordered 2 JCW MINIs because he says he isn’t getting a GP3.

We talked about quite a bit this episode, links are below.

Don’t forget to click over to and check out the products. Cool stuff there for your MINI! Because blank is boring!

And you guys keep going to OutMotoring and eventhough we haven’t reminded you since last year? too, right? Ok, cool.

Appreciate you folks sticking around, especially through all of my bullsh*t. We will be getting back to a regular schedule, starting with 2 shows per month. Appreciate your thoughts on any of this, comments are open or you can ping us on Twitter or Instagram. Please do not message us on Facebook, we aren’t monitoring that any longer. If you are following us elsewhere, you can unfollow that page. We won’t be sneaking anything there, promise!