During the DDW the work and ideas of more than 2,600 designers are presented to more than 350,000 visitors. The general vision of the Dutch Design Week perfectly matches MINI’s vision of innovative, future-oriented mobility, sustainability and design. As the proud mobility partner of the DDW, MINI Netherlands looks back at the successful collaboration.

MINI Netherlands has partnered up with the largest design event in Northern Europe, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) choosing two design studios for its MINI VOICES campaign.


To celebrate the success of the partnership with the DDW, MINI Netherlands selected two design studios as its MINI VOICES: BYBORRE and Studio RENS.

With MINI VOICES a platform has been created for people and initiatives who have the potential to change the world. In different European countries, MINI supports creative businesses and start-ups who are addressing today’s social challenges with their unusual ideas, showing how a sustainable, socially responsible future can be shaped. 
Borre Akkersdijk, from BYBORRE, was the winner of the MINI Young Designer Award in 2012 and in 2021 the winner of the Dutch Design Award in the category product design. BYBORRE is internationally known as a textile innovator. Next to MINI’s connection with BYBORRE dating back to 2012, Borre Akkersdijk has also a link with the MINI Vision Urbanaut – the concept of MINI which was also showcased during the DDW. One of the textiles used in the MINI Vision Urbanaut is designed by studio BYBORRE. BYBORRE is stretching the boundaries of textile development by giving makers the creative freedom to create their own textiles. The makers themselves can determine the colors, designs, functionality and textures thanks to direct access to the technology and the possibility of circular knitting machines. Customized textile creation for all makers who highly value performance, aesthetics and impact of their textiles on our world – in industries like fashion and clothing, interior and now also in the automotive. 

Studio RENS, founded by Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren, is a research-based studio with a playful vision and a distinct approach to design. By exploring and pushing the boundaries of both colour and material the duo is developing interior objects, rugs and tapestries. Designs that meet the creativity of the renowned labels they are working with – or to enrich and extend their exclusive collection. Studio RENS is designing based on research. The duo is initiating projects from Eindhoven where colour has a central role.

MINI Netherlands has partnered up with the largest design event in Northern Europe, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) choosing two design studios for its MINI VOICES campaign.

“BYBORRE and Studio RENS are two super talented and internationally recognized design studios both committed to a sustainable way of doing business. We see many similarities with MINI in terms of thinking out of the box, challenging the status quo and embracing sustainable entrepreneurship,” says Daniëlle Dieben, Head of MINI Netherlands.

Borre Akkersdijk, the CCO and co-founder of BYBORRE: “We believe that the creators are the gatekeepers of doing better. BYBORRE Create is a digital platform that breaks down the design and production process in three simple steps, allowing creators to innovate, make better products, fewer mistakes and less harm to the environment.” Studio RENS is also focusing on fixed business patterns and how to break these: “by understanding, visualizing and breaking through fixed ‘company patterns’ innovation appears,” according to Renee Mennen.