Breaking across social media today was several photos of the all new electric MINI completely uncovered. As we reported a few weeks ago, this is the Chinese made, all electric MINI which represents an entirely new start for the brand. With a bespoke electric platform, MINI has been able to shrink the size of the car while maintaining the sale interior proportions. But what these photos also show us is where MINI has been both evolutionary and revolutionary in its design.

Last week we detailed MINI’s two-model strategy for its core product – the MINI hatch. Yes two cars built on two platforms and on two different continents. As we see above, MINI is clearly moving forward in electrifying the brand, however many key markets have real hurdles that will slow adoption. Therefore MINI wants to continue offering a heavily modified version of its F56 for another generation. That means the forthcoming all electric 2024 MINI hatch will be the only one that is a ground-up new product. And as you can see above, there’s lots to discuss.

Co-developed with GWM and BMW and built in China, the electric hatch will point to the future of the brand in many ways. While some angles may look like an evolution, under the skin and inside the cabin things have been completely revolutionized.

New 2024 Electric MINI

2024 Electric MINI Hatch – Exterior Design

Yes the all new 2024 electric MINI will actually be slightly smaller than the current F56 hatch. the easiest way to see this is in the size of the glass sunroof which had to be shrunk and not only vents upward. While the size change isn’t dramatic, there are some nuanced changes that will allow the car to shrink while maintaining the same interior volume.

In our eyes, the proportions are right. That was our first thought as we started to open up these images. Even the belt-line to wheel ratio seems better judged than the current F56 generation of cars. Key to good proportions is the reduction of overhangs front and back.

The new headlights are an evolution of the current design but appear smaller with bisecting horizontal bar that will like form the day time running lights. Expect all electric MINIs to come with LEDs front to back.

The rear lights are sure to create debate. They’re still Union Jack derived designs (which is slightly obscured) but have become much more angular. The hatch itself has gotten much wider and likely more usable because of it.

The face is clearly an evolution of the current design language but has been further refined and reduced. It would seem that Oliver Hielmer has been true to his word around functionally driven design. There are no faux vents or scoops here on the Cooper S model.

New 2024 Electric MINI

2024 Electric MINI Hatch – A Major Update In Technology & Design

If you want an revolution, look inside where MINI has radically rethought the interior. The current design language is gone and replaced with a minimal look and feel that is breathtaking at first glance. The center screen appears to be a single piece of round glass that looks unlike anything we’ve ever seen outside of a MINI concept. Also Gone is the traditional gauge cluster and in its place a heads-up display.

Also seen here for the first time is a hint at some of the new materials MINI has been talking about lately. The dash material is intriguing as is the strap to the right of the center display.

As part of this new generation MINI is rethinking it’s approach to infotainment and vehicle connectivity. Recently MINI told us that the brand is “working up fresh ideas on the design of urban mobility in the future and the User Experience associated with the use of the display and control system of MINI makes a major contribution to the driving fun so typical of the brand.” Key to this is seamless integration with smartphones outside and inside of the car. Supporting this will be a new version of the MINI App which will morph into a community platform that not only deepens the relationship between driver and car but also connects MINI fans with each other. What that means remains to be seen.

New 2024 Electric MINI

2024 Electric MINI Hatch – Range and Performance

MINI will offer the 2024 electric MINI hatch in several trim levels which likely have correspond to different range and performance figures. However on the whole, the new MINI will offer much more performance and range than the current Cooper SE. If rumors are to be believe, MINI will make use of the Ora Kat’s single electric motor producing 169bhp and 184lb ft, (which results in a 0-31mph in 3.8sec) and come with driver assistance systems not seen in small cars before. It will also feature a range of around 250 miles in base form. That last number is identical to what we’ve heard from sources about the next generation MINI (although expect that to be closer to 200 miles on the EPA’s testing cycle). We’d also expect a Cooper S and even JCW variant with even greater performance.

We have to stress these are unverified rumors at this point and BMW may leverage their own electric drivetrain tech which is quickly becoming world-class.

2024 Electric MINI Hatch – Launch Dates

We expect the all electric MINI hatch to be unveiled in either late 2022 or early 2023. Our sources point to sales starting sometime in the second half of 2023 globally.

We will have much more on the new all electric MINI hatch in the days ahead.

2024 Electric MINI Hatch Gallery