MINI USA has collaborated with Motor Trend to create an all new documentary about the MINI Cooper and specifically LAP Motorsports recent success. As narrated by MINI USA’s Head of Marketing, Product and Strategy, Pat McKenna, this is the first time we’ve seen a modern story told about MINI Cooper’s recent racing success. Oh and it’s huge fun to watch – whether your a MINI fan or not.


Sixty years of motorsport success is now memorialized in a new documentary produced by MotorTrend that was released yesterday. From MINI’s first foray into racing with John Cooper in the early 1960s to the modern-day success of the MINI John Cooper Race team operated by LAP Motorsports, this ten-minute documentary captures the raw emotions and innovative spirit that have driven the brand’s competitive “David vs Goliath” spirit since MINI’s inception. 

Highlighted throughout is the inception of the classic Mini as a racecar in 1961 when John Cooper convinced original Mini designer Sir Alec Issigonis to create a high-performance variant called the Mini Cooper. The vehicle hit the track running, winning the prestigious Monte Carlo rally three times within its first decade of existence. It quickly made a name for itself as the heroed underdog challenger, by making up for a lack of straightaway speed with impressive handling and turning on tight raceways. This formula continues to make the MINI Cooper a contender among more traditional motorsport names like Porsche, BMW, Mazda and others. It also makes MINIs incredibly fun to drive for customers on the open road.

Mini Cooper

Giant Killer: The Story of MINI Cooper”, celebrates 60 years of MINI’s racing heritage and shows how the current MINI JCW race team keeps the legacy alive and kicking,” said Patrick McKenna, Head of Marketing, Product and Strategy, MINI USA. “Our young team of race drivers carry the same underdog spirit of MINI’s motorsport history, which has helped the team capture three manufacturers’ championships in the past four years.”

The documentary also features highlights from the MINI JCW race team and its recent successes in the 2021 SRO TC America series. Under the leadership of fearless team owner and veteran crew chief Luis Perocarpi, three young, talented drivers, including Clayton Williams, Cristian Perocarpi and Derek Jones ended this season with two first-place finishes and an additional podium finish in the final race weekend.