Check out our first take review of MINI’s 2023 MINI Special Editions: Untold, Untamed and Resolute. It’s a quick look at what makes these cars special and also a great way to see some details that you might have missed.

The all three MINI Special Editions will be available with the start of March production. That should mean cars at dealers in the US by Mid-March on the east coast to Mid-April on the West Coast. 

mini special editions

US Special Edition Pricing for Model Year 2023*

ModelIconic Trim MSRPEdition package PriceEdition MSRP Price
Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door (Resolute)$34,900$1,000$35,900
Cooper SE Hardtop 2 Door (Resolute)$36,900$1,000$37,900
Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door (Resolute)$35,900$1,000$36,900
Cooper S Convertible (Resolute)$39,400$1,000$40,400
Cooper S Clubman (Untold)$39,400$2,250$41,650
Cooper S Clubman ALL4 (Untold)$41,400$2,250$43,650
John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 (Untold)$47,400$1,500$48,900
Cooper S Countryman (Untamed)$40,400$1,500$41,900
Cooper S Countryman ALL4 (Untamed)$42,400$1,500$43,900
Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 (Untamed)$45,400$1,500$46,900

First Take Review: 2023 MINI Special Editions