As MINI USA finalizes pricing one small but important detail has slipped out that should make the 2023 model year more attractive to MINI buyers. For the 2023 model year all MINI’s sold in t he US will have CarPlay standard.

Across every model and every trim wireless CarPlay will now become a standard, no cost feature. Combined with MINIUSA’s use of the widescreen, high resolution screen across all all models, this addition is a huge upgrade for the line-up.

While we’ve called CarPlay beta software in years past, it has become exceptional over the last two major releases and now is an essential aspect of the MINI in-car experience for those who use iPhones. This is especially the case given the step backwards MINI has recently made with its new in-car user experience.

While BMW has begun offering Android Auto, MINI’s timetable for that additional feature is still unclear.

The 2023 model year begins with March production which means the first cars should reach dealerships by late March on the east coast. Look for more information about the 2023 model year including updated pricing and revised options.