The all new 2024 electric MINI will be the brand’s first electric vehicle on a dedicated electric platform. Unlike the current MINI Cooper SE which was built on an existing ICE chassis, this new electric MINI will be designed from the ground up to be an electric car which will allow for much improved performance and range. How improved? While we don’t have the final figures, we now have some clues.

According to sources at the recent preview, the entry level electric MINI Cooper will launch with a 40kWh battery (compared to 28.9kWh in the current Cooper SE) combined with an electric engine producing around 180 hp. That should give the car a range between 180 and 200 miles depending on how it’s measured. That would be a dramatic increase over the current 110 range from the F56 based Cooper SE.

But MINI has much more planned for this car in the form longer range, higher performance models. For launch that will include what could be marketed as a Cooper S with a 50kWh battery with 215-220 hp going through the front wheels. That will give the car roughly a 250 mile range and a massive jump from what we’re used to on the current model.

The all new 2024 electric MINI will debut next year and should hit dealers in the first half of 2024. It will be joined 18-24 months later by a small crossover slotted under the German made (and BMW based) Countryman.