Except CarPlay is now, not an option. MINI has made it standard across the range.

While we’ve called CarPlay beta software in years past, it has become exceptional over the last two major releases and now is an essential aspect of the MINI in-car experience for those who use iPhones. This is especially the case given the step backwards MINI has recently made with its new in-car user experience.

As most recent car buyers can tell you, a brand’s operating system is fast becoming one of its most important selling features. While MINI has long been considered one of the better systems in smaller cars, the rapid progress of VW (among others) has put pressure on the brand to innovate. Luckily MINI has made the move to make CarPlay standard across the range.

In our JCW Countryman that means a completely wireless experience that is incredible quick and big free. In short it brings much of your iPhone experience in-dash allowing you to seamlessly use the mapping software of your choice and browse your media as you wish. In short it is a hugely welcome addition to the MINI experience.