For over 3,000 miles our long term MINI JCW Countryman test car has proved itself to be the most capable MINI we’ve ever tested. But if we were to have ordered things would be slightly different. With the new Trims that MINI offers, much of the guess work has been taken out of ordering. However we still think it’s important to know what options really matter in deciding which trim to go with.

With that in mind we’ve put together an ordering quite of what we love and what you don’t as it relates to the JCW Countryman.

Options we love

  • Rebel Green. It’s a color that at times looks like a sinister black and at others an elegant dark green. It suits the JCW’s personality perfectly.
  • 19″ Circuit Spoke Wheels. As much as the 18s ride slightly better, the 19s just fit the height of the car and the arches better. The design of them does a great job of hiding the fact that they are required to slightly convex due to the size of the front calipers. The design also goes great with the sinister look of our JCW.
  • Dynamic Damper Control. We were wrong when we called this unnecessary a few years ago. In our JCW Countryman it’s essential. And that’s comes from someone who has sport mode engaged 90% of the time. But on rough highways comfort mode has proven to be well worth it.
  • MINI Yours Steering Wheel. We have the JCW wheel but the MINI Yours would have been a no-cost option. And it’s the one you want. It has the same aggressive shape as the JCW but it’s wrapped in BMW’s most luscious leather normally saved for M cars or BMW Individual models.
  • Rear Foglight. For God-sakes people if you live in an area prone to fog this is required. It should be mandated in the US like it is in Europe if it weren’t for drives have no clue what to do with it. We so wish we could order this option.
  • Split fold-down rear seats. Essentially as this adds a center rear armrest (a kid essential) and a 40/20/40 rear seat split.
  • Piano Black Interior. Yes it’s a fingerprint magnet but we love the look.
  • Sirius Radio ($300). You can save $300 if you would prefer to stream from the app but there’s no question this is more convenient – especially it integrates with presets. If you don’t have any need for Sirius (if you’re more of a podcast, NPR or just like your own music) this one is an easy option to pass by.
  • Alarm. Peace of mind and a little beep with you lock and unlock the car.
  • JCW Sport Seats – Cloth/Dynamica. Our previous JCW didn’t have these and we missed them. Now that we’re back sitting in them on a daily basis we remember why we love the so much. Great look, a bit more bolstering and that lovely Dinamica/Cloth combo.
  • Adaptive Cruise – Do you drive on the highway? If so why would you ever not want this option? It takes some of the mindless metal work out of going straight for hours.