MINI USA is making some big changes in small ways for is 2023 model line-up. The headline for many of you will be the return of the manual transmission – something we previewed a few weeks ago. Beyond that MINI USA is making supply chain related changes to packages and killing one favorite color (along with a few others). Oh and they’re introducing a few colors.

Limited Return of Manual Transmission

After being unavailable for better part of a year, the manual transmission will return to the MINI.  The global semiconductor shortage and the Russian invasion of Ukraine had forced MINI into the decision to eliminate the iconic option in an effort keep production flowing. What that allowed for was a simplified production process and a focus on options and components that can be more easily maintained in its parts inventory.

In MINI’s own words the move was made to “ensure production stability” for the entire range. However there is enough parts stability in the pipeline that MINI is bringing back the option for limited range of cars. The reintroduction of the manual transmission is offered on the Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works variants of the MINI Hardtop 2 Door.

mini 2023

New Colors Along with the Death of Others

November production will bring the introduction of the new Melting Silver III color into the full MINI range, as well as the new Nanuq White as a choice on the MINI hardtops, Clubman and Countryman (seen above). Availability of Pepper White, White Silver and Moonwalk Grey will end with October production. Along with Chili Red, Pepper white has been the only consistent color MINI has offered since it’s relaunch and one that we’ve always loved. In its place is Nanuq White which is a brighter white intended to go better with the upcoming next generation MINI vehicles.

Revised 2023 Model Year Pricing Structure

MINI USA is once again limiting options by grouping them together to create a much simpler ordering process. Due to supply chain restrictions that impacted production earlier this year, MINI USA took steps to simplify the trim offering to ensure continued delivery of new vehicles to the market.  These changes included no longer offering the Classic Trim level from the MINI product lineup. As supply challenges have eased, MINI USA is continuing to enhance and simplify the trim offering by adding previously restricted equipment and options back into newly its revised trim levels – Signature 2.0 and Iconic 2.0. By adding more equipment to these two trim levels, MINI USA offers more value to the consumer while ensuring consistent product availability. These changes have resulted in pricing updates to reflect the newly available equipment and options.

ModelsTrim BaseHardtop 2DHardtop 4DConvertibleClubmanCountryman
CooperSignature 2.0$28,600$29,700$33,800  
Cooper SSignature 2.0$32,200$33,300$37,400$34,500$34,950
 Iconic 2.0$36,125$37,225$40,825$39,650$40,125
Cooper S ALL4Signature 2.0   $36,600$37,475
 Iconic 2.0   $41,650$42,125
Cooper SESignature Plus2.0$34,225    
 Iconic 2.0$36,700   $46,275
JCWSignature 2.0$37,800 $42,650$43,250$45,075
 Iconic 2.0$40,325 $46,625$47,850$49,075