MINI is dramatically simplifying its product line-up and naming conventions. Starting with the 4th generation in 2024, MINI will move to a simplified model line-up and naming structure to help avoid confusion and make the model names simpler.

The base small MINI will be known simply as the MINI Cooper with two different levels of performance and options; the Cooper S and the JCW. The Countryman and Aceman will follow suit with their base models simply being called (you guessed it) the Countryman and Aceman. The move is one we’ve pontificated about for years as an idea to avoid confusion and lean into the fact that the hatch is widely known as the “Cooper” (whether MINI likes it or not). It also further separates the iconic hatch from the Countryman and Aceman by making the Cooper name exclusive.

This move also means the brand is killing the MINI One and other entry-level models it’s sold in various markets for over 20 years.

How will MINI handle the Countryman? According to sources MINI will use the Countryman (and Aceman) name as the base model, With S and JCW going on higher performance trims.

What do you think? Is this shortening of the names going to solve confusion or add to it?