MINI is collaborating with musician and fashion icon Pharrell Williams to support Polar Bears International. The collaboration is with Pharrell Williams brand ICECREAM, a global brand dedicated to giving back to the community and aligning to various causes.

Pharrell Williams MINI

Each MINI x ICECREAM Save the Polar Bears Collection includes a tee, a hoodie, and a keychain, all which nod to the polar bears and will retail for $150. The price point honors the bears, as well, since Antarctica is losing 150 billion tons of ice per year, a critical habitat for the polar bear.  

  • The Keychain features a polar bear attempting to lick his head, which is topped with whipped cream and red cherry
  • The Hoodie pays homage to the Arctic Sea Ice Day ad, and the bear is seen hanging outside of the MINI Electric 
  • The Tee features a running polar bear honoring the Running Dog graphic which ICECREAM has become known for. On the back, the tee sports a paw print, representing the positive steps being taken towards saving polar bear’s melting habitats. 

The collaboration is being released on NTWRK on December 15 @ 4PM ET / 1PM PT

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Pharrell Williams & MINI release Product Capsule Supporting Polar Bears International

MINI USA and ICECREAM, a sub-label of Pharrell Williams and Nigo’s streetwear brand Billionaire Boys Club have teamed up to celebrate the new MINI Electric in Nanuq White with an exclusive earth-conscious capsule collection via leading livestream shopping platform NTWRK on December 15 @ 4PM ET / 1PM PT

Pharrell Williams MINI

At the heart of the partnership, one hundred percent of the proceeds at checkout will be donated to Polar Bears International and their education and outreach efforts dedicated to informing, inspiring, and providing a powerful platform for saving the polar bears and the arctic region. Through science, media and advocacy, Polar Bears International works to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the urgent threats to its future, and the connection between this remote region and our global climate. 

Globally recognized brand ICECREAM is dedicated to giving back to the community and aligning with important causes that make a difference. The influential lifestyle brand is also loving fans of the polar bears, which is evident through their thoughtfully designed collection created to provoke thought and support the arctic inhabitants. 

As part of its shared advocacy for the polar bear, MINI USA collaborated with Polar Bears International earlier this year for Arctic Sea Ice Day (watch this adorable ad of a polar bear taking a sweet ride in a MINI Electric) where they encouraged American audiences to make donations to and consider eco-adopting a polar bear via Polar Bears International. 

The MINI Electric now features a new special color, Nanuq White. The color was inspired and chosen with feedback from customers following MINI USA’s ongoing campaign to support Polar Bears International, featuring the MINI brand’s special polar bear mascot, Nanuq. 

“MINI is always looking to find impactful and unconventional ways to affect positive change in the world, especially when it comes to sustainability.” said Rah Mahtani, head of brand communications at MINI USA. It is why we are pleased to partner with ICECREAM and NTWRK to amplify the environmental advocacy of Polar Bears International in a fun and exclusive way.”

“Our team is honored to spearhead this partnership with MINI USA and ICECREAM. We are driven by bringing brands together, but we’re also driven by brands charting ways they can give to charitable initiatives. In this case, it’s ensuring a future for polar bears with the help of Polar Bears International, who’s doing just that,” NTWRK CEO Aaron Levant says.

“From day one, BBC ICECREAM has been focused on inspiring others in positive ways.” Said Joseph Au, Creative Director for BBC ICECREAM. “This partnership is no different, we are very excited to be able to share this vision of a sustainable future and use our collective platform to further drive this message, together with MINI USA & NTWRK”

The MINI x ICECREAM Capsule Collection will be available for purchase during a NTWRK live episode – which will feature exclusive footage of the Creative Director of BBC ICECREAM and the new MINI Electric filmed in the Santa Monica Mountains, CA.