The MINI Convertible Seaside Edition may be a purely cosmetic special edition but it’s one of the best we’ve seen from MINI in years. With a variety of unique trim pieces as well as unique Caribbean Aqua exterior paint, the Seaside is also a celebration of the MINI convertible’s 30th anniversary.

Starting with February 2023 production, the Seaside Edition will be available in either Caribbean Aqua or Nanuq White. The car comes standard with Double decorative stripes in white run from the side doors to the rear of the vehicle, and the exclusive exterior design is rounded off with a unique graphic on the front apron, where a stylized 30 once again refers to the model’s anniversary. What’s really interesting is the unique interior trim and the white door handles and gas cap.

Read on for the full press release and all the details of MINI’s latest special edition.

Official Release: World Premier: The MINI Convertible Seaside Edition

Waves rolling gently onto the beach and the endless horizon in view – a day at the seaside offers refreshingly expansive perspectives and a feeling of freedom. In line with this, the MINI Convertible in the Seaside Edition celebrates 30 years of individual style and maximum fresh-air driving fun. To mark the anniversary of the open-top four-seater, MINI now presents the sporty classic with exclusive equipment and design features – optionally in a shimmering blue Caribbean Aqua paint finish or in the light Nanuq White bodycolor. The Seaside Edition of the MINI Convertible is available as the Cooper and the Cooper S.

Currently the world’s only premium convertible in the small car segment and with an impressively distinctive look in traditional brand style, the MINI Convertible embodies individual open-air driving pleasure. In the MINI Cooper S, a 2.0-litre, 131 kW/178 hp 4-cylinder power unit with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology enables acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. The MINI Cooper also provides typical MINI go-kart feeling, featuring a 3-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 136 hp. The black, electrically operated soft top takes things at a more leisurely pace: it can be opened or closed automatically up to 30 km/h.

From February 2023, the limited Seaside Edition of the MINI Convertible will accentuate this stylish model’s hallmark features with an edition-specific design in the exterior and interior. Double decorative stripes in white run from the side doors to the rear of the vehicle, and the exclusive exterior design is rounded off with a unique graphic on the front apron, where a stylised 30 once again refers to the model’s anniversary.

This contrasts elegantly with the maritime-inspired paint finish Caribbean Aqua, emphasising the sporty character of the open-top four-seater. In the Nanuq White finish, the consistently light-coloured bodywork has a particularly elegant appeal: here the MINI Convertible is reminiscent of spotted clouds against a deep-blue summer sky.

The side scuttles with the edition’s discreet “Seaside” lettering pick up on the 30th model anniversary with graphically designed numerals in light and dark blue. The round birthday is also celebrated with exclusive “Seaside” lettering in sporty orange on the rear. Meanwhile the 18-inch alloy wheels in Pulse Spoke design are reminiscent of pulsating waves in the water. By contrast, the specific wheel caps stand still: here, the number of the anniversary appears once more. A weight behind them ensures a perfect appearance at all times.

Even as you enter the vehicle, the trim strips on the vehicle doors in edition design with two white stripes and Seaside lettering convey the exclusive aura of the interior. The Carbon Black leather seats with comfortable knee rolls and armrests in the doors offer comfort as well as harmonising perfectly with the two exterior finishes Caribbean Aqua and Nanuq White when the soft top is open.

The decorative trim strips on the front dashboards also appear in edition-specific design: both the printed pattern and the lettering bring the round anniversary to mind once again. This pattern also appears on the floor mats in the form of a graphic badge. The lower spoke of the sports leather steering wheel features the eponymous “Seaside” lettering of the new MINI Edition. The vehicle key featuring the edition-specific graphic wave pattern in iridescent blue tones picks up on both the open atmosphere and the pure elegance of the sea, enabling the owner to take a piece of this exclusive edition home with them. The integrated “Seaside” lettering underlines the model’s unique flair – definitely ruling out any potential key mix-ups.

For the driver, the latest generation of the MINI operating system optimizes quick and intuitive control of the vehicle functions, audio program, communication, navigation and apps, while newly compiled equipment packages enable specific individual preferences to be fulfilled in terms of driver assistance and connectivity.

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