Parts shortages have wreaked havoc on MINI and other automotive brands all year. Despite this MINI USA is reporting a massive increase in sales year over year. For Q4 MINI USA saw sales increase from 7,860 in 2022 to 10,319 in 2023 – up 31.3%. How did this break down in terms of models and what did this do to overall 2022 sales? Let’s take a look.

For the full year 2022, MINI brand sales decreased slightly by 1.4% on total sales of 29,504 vehicles compared to the 29,930 vehicles sold in 2021. With several plant shutdowns and order times ranging from months to over a year, the slight decrease is a total surprise. In fact it’s fairly incredible that MINI has had such a strong year with product that is reaching a decade in the marketplace.

Key to Q4 success is a massive increase in the two door and Countryman sales. Good signs for MINI has they are prepping a massive product onslaught including an all new Countryman and heavily revised hardtop.

One note interesting note. The immensely profitable BMW X7 (which starts at almost $80k) outsold the entire MINI brand in the US. Let that sink in a bit.

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