While many of us are looking ahead at the massive changes MINI is about to make with the brand, there’s still one more year of production to be focused on. And today MINI USA has taken the wraps off of the subtle changes and 2024 model year prices that will close out the current generation of products. And even though this is the last year of production for these models, MINI USA has made some interesting equipment changes to the line-up.

It’s worth noting that MINI USA uses model years very differently than the rest of the world. In the UK and Europe the calendar year is directly tied to the model year. However in the US there’s a bit of grey area that allows brands to market cars made and sold in the 2023 calendar year as 2024 models. That’s why we’re talking about 2024 model year MINIs in February of 2023.

That aside there are some interesting changes for the 2024 model year that will appeal to enthusiasts. Yes the manual transmissions are back in four more models making seven in total within the line-up. Also back is the Untamed, Untold and Resolute special editions. Due to popular demand MINI USA is continuing production into 2024 model year.

Another big addition across the range is the re-introduction of the classic trim which will effectively lower the MSRP on all models. However gone are the days when the Oxford Edition sold for just over 20k. The starting price of the base MINI Cooper in Classic Trim is now $25,800. Still a fair car for the money in our eyes but a notable shift.

Read all the details in the official release below.

Official Release: MINI USA Announces 2024 MINI Prices

One of the most exciting announcements within the MY 2024 updates is the continued production of the MINI Untamed, Untold and Resolute special edition models. These special editions, which span the full model lineup, were launched in March 2022 and received additional enhancements with November 2022 production that included new body colors, interior upholsteries, and engine variants. These three Special Editions are available on the respective models equipped with the Iconic Trim.

Among the most prominent additions to the MINI MY 2024 lineup is the return of more hardtop and convertible models available with manual transmissions.  As of November 2022 production, MINI USA announced the return of manuals in its Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works 2-door hardtops.  MINI is now pleased to announce four additional models that will be available with a manual transmission. They include:

  1. MINI Cooper Convertible
  2. MINI Cooper S Convertible
  3. MINI Cooper 4-Door Hardtop
  4. MINI Cooper S 4-Door Hardtop

Ordering for these four additional models opened February 3 and will begin production March 1, bringing the total count of MINI models offered with a manual transmission to seven.

Additional Highlights:
As part of the MY 2024 updates, MINI USA will also reintroduce the base Classic Trim to all Hardtop, Clubman and Countryman models. The Signature Trim will also now feature MINI Navigation as included equipment, with Advanced Real Time Traffic Information built in.

The model year change comes with a host of updates across all models and trims including standard features and new option availability. Below is a summary of those updates and changes.

The MINI Hardtop 2 Door, MINI Hardtop 4 Door & MINI Convertibles

In addition to the return of available manual transmission in the MINI Convertibles and 4-door Hardtops, the following changes apply.

Now Available: Classic Trim
The Classic Trim is now an option for the MINI Hardtop 2 Door and 4 Door, available in Chili Red, or an upgrade to Nanuq White or Midnight Black II can be added. The Classic trim remains unavailable on the MINI Convertible, as well as the Iconic Trim in the Cooper variant of the Convertible.

Cooper SE Interiors: Upholstery Package
The all-electric Cooper SE models with the Signature Trim will now offer the Upholstery Package upgrade, following the examples of the rest of the MINI Hardtop 2-Door range.

The MINI Countryman and Clubman

Now Available: Classic Trim
The Classic Trim is also an option for MINI Clubman and Countryman models in Chili Red, or an upgrade to Nanuq White or Midnight Black II can be added.

Cooper SE ALL4 Trim Enhancements: More to Offer
The MINI Cooper SE ALL4 PHEV is now available with Signature Trim 2.0. This new entry level trim brings an attractive price and offer for those looking for a dual-fuel powertrain. Iconic Trim 2.0 also adds Power Tailgate, Parking Assistant, and Active Cruise Control.

Cooper Countryman: Classic Trim
The Cooper Countryman and Cooper Countryman ALL4 are exclusively available as Classic Trim only.

The MINI Special Editions

Untamed Edition
The MINI Untamed Edition is available in Nanuq White, or Momentum Grey on the Cooper S, Cooper S ALL4, or Cooper SE ALL4 Countryman as an add on to the Iconic Trim.

Untold Edition
The MINI Untold Edition is available in Sage Green or Midnight Black II on the Cooper S, Cooper S ALL4, or JCW ALL4 Clubman as an add on to the Iconic Trim.

Resolute Edition
The MINI Resolute Edition is available in Nanuq White, Enigmatic Black, or Rebel Green on the Cooper S and Cooper SE Hardtop 2-Door, Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door, and Cooper S Convertible as an add on to the Iconic Trim.


U.S. pricing for the MY 2024 MINI Model lineup is as follows:

MINI Hardtop 2 Door   
Cooper Hardtop 2 Door$ 25,800$ 30,800$ 33,200
Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door$ 29,100$ 33,700$ 37,500
Cooper SE Hardtop 2 Door$ 30,900$ 34,225$ 36,700
John Cooper Works Hardtop$ 35,400$ 39,800$ 43,400
MINI Hardtop 4 Door   
Cooper Hardtop 4 Door$ 26,800$31,800$ 34,200
Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door$ 30,100$ 34,700$ 38,500
MINI Convertible   
Cooper ConvertibleN/A$ 35,700N/A
Cooper S ConvertibleN/A$ 38,400$ 42,000
John Cooper Works ConvertibleN/A$ 44,900$ 48,500
MINI Clubman   
Cooper S Clubman$ 34,050$ 36,750$ 40,750
Cooper S ALL4 Clubman$ 36,150$ 38,850$ 42,900
John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4$ 42,400$ 45,100$ 48,900
MINI Countryman   
Cooper Countryman$ 32,650N/AN/A
Cooper Countryman ALL4$ 34,150N/AN/A
Cooper S Countryman$ 32,900$ 35,500$ 40,400
Cooper S Countryman ALL4$ 35,000$ 37,500$ 42,400
Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 (PHEV)N/A$ 42,700$ 48,600
John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4$ 43,800$ 46,000$ 50,100

*Above pricing does not include $995 for Destination & Handling.