The U25 2025 MINI Countryman is a massive move for MINI. It’s the first product that fits squarely in popular the small-cross over category which moves MINI further into the mainstream. It’s also just huge as MINIs go. Just how huge? We’ve gather final dimensions and specifications on the car that gives us our best look yet at the all new U25 MINI Countryman.

First let’s give you some context how the all new Countryman fits within the 4th generation MINI line-up. As you can see above the Countryman will once again be positioned as the largest product in the MINI range. It will also be the only platform offered by MINI with both ICE and electric power. Designed with plenty of input from the American market, it will deliver more space and utility to ever before. But can it still retain the hallmarks of the MINI brand? While we don’t yet have an answer, we have some details that give us a clue.

2025 MINI Countryman

How Big is the U25 MINI Countryman?

According to MINI we’ll see some noticeable increases in length on this new Countryman. Growing mostly behind the rear wheel wheels, we’ll see an additional five inches of length in total. The added length is designed to dramatically increase the rear cargo space putting it on par with other crossovers in the category. Note the wheelbase will not be changing over the F60 which could mean an even larger front over-hang.

R60 Countryman (’10-’16) F60 Countryman (’17-’23)U25 Countryman (’24-’32)
Length4097 mm / 161.3 in4298 mm / 169.2 in4429 mm / 174.37 in
Height1562 mm / 61.5 in1557 mm / 61.3 in1613 mm / 63.5 in
Wheelbase2596 mm / 102.2 in2670 mm / 105.1 in2670 mm / 105.11 in

What about weight? Our sources are telling us that MINI will make use of advanced chassis design and plenty of new aluminum components to reduce the weight gain you might expect with the growth in detentions. We can get an idea of weight by looking at the new BMW X1 which has a 3,750 lbs curb weight. That’s only up 24 lbs over the previous generation despite being marginally larger and being offered with more standard equipment. Given this we’d expect the next generation Countryman All4 won’t be far off the current car’s 3,726 lbs curb weight (assuming equipment levels are similar).

2024 MINI Countryman U25

The 2025 MINI Countryman Production Timing

MINI will debut the 2024 MINI Countryman (labeled a 2025 in the US) in the second half of 2023 with an all-out model onslaught. Based on our sources, this is what we expect to see in terms of production timing:

U25 / Leipzig, GermanyStart of Production
U25 ICE Countryman11/2023
U25 ICE Countryman S11/2023*
U25 ICE Countryman JCW11/2023*
U25 BEV Countryman E03/2024
U25 BEV Countryman SE03/2024*
U25 BEV Countryman JCWTBD*
*US market models