MINI owners identify with their colors perhaps more than any other brand. It’s often the first words out of their mouth when you ask them to describe their cars. So it’s big news when a new color debuts. Today we are revealing five new colors that MINI will offer on the UK built F66 2025 MINI Cooper.

First some quick background. MINI’s small car line-up will be splitting into two models; the internal combustion F66 MINI Cooper and the electric J01 MINI Cooper. The (initially) Chinese built J01 will be completely new while the UK produced F66 will be a heavily modified F56 with updated tech and a design that will mirror that of the all new J01. Thanks to sources a key part of that design is coming.

2025 MINI Cooper Colors

F66 2025 MINI Cooper Colors

Our sources have confirmed that we’ll see five brand-new colors for the F66 range. We’d expect that these colors would also carryover to the four door F65 and F67 Convertible when they are release later in 2024 and 2025.

  • Indigo Sunset Blue (similar to the original Indie Blue)
  • Icy Sunshine Blue (described as similar to electric blue with less vibrancy)
  • Blazing Blue (still a mystery!)
  • Ocean Wave Green (Green with a hint of teal – see at the top of this page above)
  • Sunny Side Yellow (sources tell us this is a vibrant yellow)

Based on how MINI has retained certain colors we believe we’ll see a few current ones continue on in this next generation. Here’s our guesstimate on what we’ll see retained:

  • Chili Red
  • Nanuq White
  • Midnight Black
  • Rooftop Grey
2025 MINI Cooper Colors

The F66 2025 MINI Cooper – What it is And When We’ll See It

As you can tell by its codename, the F66 is an evolution of the F56 which is shared a chassis with. However MINI is refreshing the exterior design to better match the all new J01 electric MINI Cooper. That means we’ll see revised lights front and rear and even a fractionally shortened front overhang. The key theme appears to be creating design consistency with the future of the brand – the all electric J01 MINI Cooper. The goal is clearly to unify the design language across all models allowing consumers to have a choice that feels strictly about the propulsion system and nothing else.

2025 MINI Cooper Colors

As you can see below MINI will start production of the heavily revised F66 in March of 2024. Deliveries should start in April (for the UK and EU) and May for the US market.

F66 MINI Cooper (ICE) / Oxford, EnglandStart of Production
F66 ICE Cooper 3 door03/2024 (07/24 – US)
F66 ICE Cooper S 3 door03/2024
F66 ICE Cooper JCW 3 doorTBD
F65 ICE Cooper 5 door07/2024 (11/24 – US)
F65 ICE Cooper S 5 door07/2024
F67 ICE Cooper Convertible11/2024
F67 ICE Cooper S Convertible11/2024
F67 ICE JCW ConvertibleTBD

For all of our reporting on the next generation F66 ICE MINI Cooper, check out the F66 section of MotoringFile.