As part of MINI’s shift to full electrification by the early 2030s, the brand is killing its Countryman plugin hybrid PHEV. While the Countryman Cooper S hybrid never accounted for a dominant percentage of global sales, it’s been a steady seller and in some markets even a big part of the product mix. Nevertheless it’s a bold move that foreshadows MINI’s future products.

The commitment MINI is making to an all-electric future of the MINI brand means that they will refrain from plug-in hybrid vehicles in the new generation of vehicles altogether. This is despite the fact that the Countryman’s base platform was designed to accommodate ICE, full electric and plugin hybrid models. Making it even easier, MINI could have simply borrowed the BMW X1’s plug-in technical setup and offered something similar to the xDRIVE30e which offers 177hp and 56 miles (WLTP) of full electric driving.

Yet MINI is on a mission to go full electric and that clearly means the brand isn’t interested in half measures. Yes all revised ICE engines have what is known as a mild-hybrid component, in reality that will simply allow for a better start/stop experience and potentially a subtle burst of speed at certain times.

MINI’s Countryman Hybrid Replacement Strategy

MINI’s strategy is to offer the best of the ICE and full electric with the Countryman. This move will allow MINI to make a clear distinction between the models and, in a sense, its past and future. Here’s an early look at those two models.

Electric MINI Countryman

MINI will launch two electric configurations simply named the E and SE. The E will have a single motor driving the front wheels while the SE will offer a two motor set-up driving all four wheels.

Countryman ECountryman SE*
WLTP Range – Europe273 miles261 miles
EPA Range – United States (estimated)213 miles204 miles
*The SE will be the only model imported to North America

One important note about range that is almost always missed by commenters on social media. The WLTP testing protocol produces, on average 22% higher mileage figures than EPA testing by. However in our experience, real world performance often lies somewhere in the middle, a bit closer to the EPA numbers. 

Another important point not factored into these numbers is BMW’s historically conservative published performance numbers. Given that the EPA figures are self reported by automakers, there is some flexibility in how they test and produce numbers. Third party tests have shown brands like BMW and Porsche are often under-reporting real-world range in order to accommodate for various conditions. Data has shown some other automakers don’t follow that same philosophy.

Countryman ECountryman SE*
Horsepower185 hp (140 KW)264 hp (200 kW)
Battery Size64 kWh 64 kWh
*US model.

Leveraging the same technical layout as the BMW iX1, the Countryman E single motor variant will produce 185 hp and be offered in FWD only. The WTLP rated range for the Countryman E will be 440 km or 273 miles. 

The Countryman SE will see an output of 265 hp via dual motors and AWD. The 64.7-kWh t-shaped battery pack in the SE will have a range of 440 km or 261 miles.

ICE MINI Countryman

We expect MINI to use the 1.5 three cylinder engine in the base model with different tunes ranging from 137 hp to 170 hp. However MotoringFile has conformed that the US market will not be getting the base Countryman and instead will use the Countryman S as its entry-level model.

The ICE Countryman S

The Countryman S will feature a 2.0 four cylinder with varying tunes; 200 hp and 206 ft-lbs and 240 hp and 265 ft-lbs. Sources are mixed as to what we’ll see in the US market but there the 200 hp tune is likely for the standard Countryman S while we could see the All4 get the 240 hp version of the 2.0L. This shift is strategy mirrors what we’ve seen on the BMW size with the BMW X1.

The ICE Countryman JCW

The U25 Countryman JCW will carrier over its 2.0 four cylinder but will have an increased output. Sources tell us to expect 330 hp coupled with a mild hybrid system that enables a further burst in power. 

All petrol engines will get a 48 volt mild hybrid system and will be mated to a revised 7-speed dual clutch with an all new gear selector design. Unsurprisingly the manual transmission will be eliminated in all ICE models.

The 2025 MINI Countryman Production Timing

MINI will debut the 2024 MINI Countryman (labeled a 2025 in the US) in the second half of 2023 with an all-out model onslaught. Based on our sources, this is what we expect to see in terms of production timing:

U25 / Leipzig, GermanyStart of Production
U25 ICE Countryman11/2023
U25 ICE Countryman S11/2023*
U25 ICE Countryman JCW11/2023*
U25 BEV Countryman E03/2024
U25 BEV Countryman SE03/2024*
U25 BEV Countryman JCWTBD*
*US market models