MINI has unveiled a sneak peek of the design of its forthcoming all-electric model family, showcasing its Charismatic Simplicity design language. The reduced design language focuses on the essential elements of each MINI model, while also allowing for individuality and clear brand affiliation through distinctive design features. The use of sustainable materials is also integral to the new design language.

We’ll see these touches across the entire range, even the revised ICE powered F56 internally known as the F66.

According to Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design, the new Charismatic Simplicity design language represents a complete reimagining of the iconic MINI. The purist and progressive approach combines functional simplicity with the emotional appeal that MINI is renowned for, resulting in innovations that were previously unthinkable.

Next Generation MINI Cooper

At the center of the visually simplified interior of the upcoming model family is the circular central instrument display, a classic hallmark of MINI. However, in this new model, the circular central instrument display will be reinterpreted as an OLED display, making MINI the first car manufacturer in the world to offer a touch display with a fully usable round surface. This innovative design enables a minimalistic user interface that controls the integrated infotainment and climate functions, providing a sleek and frameless look that exudes high quality.

Next Generation MINI Cooper

The steering wheel of the next MINI model family has also been redesigned to incorporate a distinctive fabric finish as a third element in addition to a sporty geometry.

The upcoming MINI model family will also offer a range of seats that combine new colors and patterns with classic style elements like the houndstooth pattern. What we won’t see is leather which the brand has sworn off in an effort to be more sustainable and modern.

Next Generation MINI Cooper

The light-alloy wheels of the new model family follow the principles of the Charismatic Simplicity design language, focusing on a graphic design characterized by strong color contrasts. The pared-back, two-dimensional wheel design improves aerodynamic qualities, resulting in increased range according to MINI

The new MINI design language is intended to combine quality, sustainability, and purist reinvention with the historic DNA of the brand. Does it deliver? Let us know in the comments below.