MINI is following BMW’s lead and will begin to offer an interior camera option in the all new J01 and F66 MINI Cooper along with the all new U25 MINI Countryman and J05 MINI Aceman. But this isn’t just a selfie camera for recreating Carpool Karaoke.

The interior camera option will allow drivers and passengers to take photos as well as check on your MIIN’s interior remotely with the MINI app. Like in BMWs, we believe MINI’s interior camera will also activated when the Remote Theft Recorder is triggered. In BMWs this system relays a message to the customer’s smartphone when the vehicle’s anti-theft alarm system is set off. The customer is then able to access and save the pictures from both the interior camera and the cameras at the front and rear of the vehicle and on its exterior mirrors.

The option will also seamless integration of voice command and touch control to take snapshots. With the added convenience of a self-timer, we expect the art of capturing the perfect group shot will become second nature to MINI owners. Assuming this option mirrors what we see in recent BMWs, the camera will likely operate in HDR mode creating images with remarkable clarity.

Sharing them will also likely be simple if MINI follows BMW’s lead. In BMWs sharing images works with the scan of a QR code on the main display.

The option will debut in the J01 electric MINI Cooper and U25 MINI Countryman when they debut late this summer. The ICE F66 will debut the option next spring when it goes into production as well.