With products that are the better part of a decade old, you’d be right to assume MINI Sales in the US would be lagging as the market looks to what’s coming. Yet that’s not at all what we’re seeing. MINI USA has defied expectations with a 47.8% increase in sales for Q2 over what we saw in the same period in 2022. That’s a total of 7,585 vehicles sold which is one of the highest quarters we’ve seen in years.

Looking at the entire year MINI USA has sold 14,869 vehicles which equates to a 23.8% increase compared to 2022. That’s a huge figure (the biggest increase since 2021) but made all the more impressive how long the current MINIs have been in market.


2023 MINI USA Sales – The Surprises

The Countryman has been a massive seller for the quarter with a 143.7% increase year over year. That’s in comparison to the other volume seller, the F56 which saw flat sales. However don’t read too much into that as availability is a key driver some of these results. But the most interesting datapoint are those F57 Convertible sales numbers? You’re reading that right – 1,170 convertibles sold for a 114.7% increase. That’s close to the F55 four door sales which either tells us that the Convertible is market is heating up or the Countryman continues to eat into the F55 market.