Today MINI USA is unleashing an all new (and hilarious) AI powered experience promoting the electric MINI Cooper. The digital experience and advertising campaign was done in collaboration with Pereira O’Dell, an independent creative agency and is titled “Trust Your Inner MINI-Logue.”

The concept is simple – the most persuasive voice in a car buying journey is inside the customer’s own head. So bring it out right? That’s what the campaign aims to do with the help of AI.

Bringing this to life, MINI USA and Pereira O’Dell have developed an interactive artificial intelligence (AI) experience on the website. Here, users have the opportunity to record themselves asking questions such as, “Why should I choose a MINI Electric?” Leveraging cutting-edge voice cloning and deep learning technologies, the AI system generates a personalized version of the user that not only sounds like them but also looks like them. This advancement enables individuals to engage in a genuine conversation with their AI clone, exploring all the compelling reasons why they should consider the MINI Cooper SE electric vehicle. Subsequently, the program generates a shareable video optimized for social platforms and fun at parties (or just MINI events).

“We are providing individuals with the opportunity to connect with their inner AI self and convince themselves of the value of a MINI electric vehicle in a delightful and captivating manner,”

Patrick McKenna, Department Head of Marketing, Product, and Strategy at MINI USA

With “Trust Your Inner MINI-Logue,” MINI USA and Pereira O’Dell aim to inspire potential buyers to embrace the exhilaration and environmental benefits of electric mobility. By intertwining advanced AI technology with the inherent allure of MINI vehicles, this campaign seeks to captivate consumers in a fun and engaging way, showcasing MINI’s commitment to innovation and driving pleasure.

So what’s really Happening Here?

The way MINI explains is that the AI technology creates a version of you that looks and sounds *almost* exactly like real life — except for one very important detail — the voice you hear will be lower in frequency, so it sounds more like the voice you actually hear in your head. With the help of AI voice cloning and deep learning technology, the user would actually have a conversation…with themselves. In an attempt to convince yourself, the AI version of yourself will give you more reasons why you should get a MINI Electric. 

What Else Will We See?

In addition to the AI experience, MINI USA and Pereira O’Dell will run a series of spots across digital and social media channels starting today, July 10. The spots will feature Unreal Engine MetaHuman animations – floating, talking heads visualizing the internal dialogues of someone attempting to convince themself of the multitude of fun, wonderful, and sometimes peculiar reasons why owning a MINI Electric makes perfect MINI.

“Everyone’s first reaction to hearing their own voice is usually the same, ‘do I really sound like that?’” says Creative Director at Pereira O’Dell, Jordan Strode-Young. “We want people to hear that inner voice they’re so familiar with. It’s been a fun challenge working with Current Studios to get that voice—your voice—just right.”

Head to to experience it yourself.