Recently we’ve begun seeing the first real inventory of the electric MINI Cooper SE at US dealers. It’s the first time since launch that the electric F56 has not only been available to look at but perhaps even choose which one you might want on a lot. And now we’re hearing (and seeing) some of the first discounts on the car.

Why now? For one more inventory simply means there are more cars to move. The market has been surprising but with a range of only 110 miles on the EPA cycle you can’t imagine it’s that large. Could be be that MINI’s production has finally started to surpass demand?

electric mini Cooper discounts

Or could shoppers are becoming better informed (perhaps reading MotoringFile) and are waiting for what’s coming. The US won’t see the next generation J01 electric MINI Cooper likely for another few years. But what we will get is the all U25 electric MINI Countryman – a car much better suited for the vast distances that we have in this country.

In all this could be a good thing for consumer. Not only is MINI USA looking to boost used Cooper SE inventory but it would appear there will be more to choose from on the lot. And better still we’re beginning to see the first discounts. We’re not going to offer free advertising to dealers but from what we’re seeing the discounts aren’t large and don’t appear to be public. But rest assured if you want a small deal on an F56 electric MINI Cooper SE, they are out there.