The 2025 JCW MINI Cooper is the car that many MotoringFile of us have been patiently waiting to hear updates on. Will it finally get an increased power output? Will MINI keep the manual transmission as an option? Through several sources we’ve confirmed new details on the F66 JCW ahead of its launch next year. What we’ve found is a car that will be an evolved F56 JCW in most ways with a couple of surprising exceptions.


F66 2025 JCW MINI Cooper Power Output

The 2025 JCW MINI will have a revised B48 engine under the hood – more specifically the B48A20O2. That means the 2025 MINI JCW will continue to have a 228 hp output. Needless to say that number will disappoint all those that expected MINI to increase power. Rumors had ben floated of something near 260 hp and plenty had hoped for something even bigger.

Yet this is a revised engine and that means we will see some small tweaks. The headline figure is the torque which will increase from 236 to 258 ft lbs. A before that torque will max-out low in the rev range (1,450) meaning it will be available almost immediately. The B48A20O2 is also a cleaner engine than its predecessor and should see a slight increase in MPG as well.

No the new JCW will not have a single exhaust pipe.

F66 2025 MINI JCW Transmission Options

For those reading MotoringFile this likely won’t be a total surprise as MINI had signaled they were done with the manual when the last F56 is built in March 2024. However until now we’ve not had confirmation from our sources that the JCW would be included in this change. We do now. According to our sources the 2025 JCW MINI Cooper will not be available with a manual transmission.

In its place will be a revised 7 speed dual clutch (DCT) with JCW specific software for more aggressive programing which should decrease shift times. The revised dual clutch transmission is just like the one offered in current Cooper and Cooper S models combining two partial transmissions in a single housing. The core element of the system consists of two oil-cooled wet clutches: one of these is responsible for the even transmission ratios (2, 4, 6) while the other is for the uneven ratios (1, 3, 5, 7) and reverse. During travel, one of the two clutches is open and the other is closed. They interact when the driver shifts up or down: opening one clutch activates closure of the second at the same time.

The gear selector could move to the dash in the form of a discrete toggle switch (on the left).

The F66 is also rumored to be getting the J01’s transmission shifter design as well which moves the lever just below the center screen. If that happens expect a revised center console with more storage and naturally larger cupholders. What will remain are the paddle shifter which will be standard on all JCW models.

2025 JCW Wheel Options

Similar to the F56 we’ll see several JCW option ranging from 17” to 18” wheels. However the design of those wheels will change. Tire sizes however will remain consistent with the F56.

F66 ICE MINI CooperF66 ICE MINI Cooper SF66 JCW
17” U-Spoke grey17” U-Spoke grey17” John Cooper Works Sprint Spoke black
17” U-Spoke vibrant silver17” U-Spoke vibrant silver18” John Cooper Works Lap Spoke 2-tone
17” Parallel Spoke 2-tone17” Parallel Spoke 2-tone18? John Cooper Works Lap Spoke 2-tone w/Sport tires
16” 4 Square Spoke18” Night Flash Spoke 2-tone
18” Slide Spoke 2-tone18” Slide Spoke 2-tone

Why Is MINI Not Upgrading the 2025 MINI JCW For This New Generation?

If you’ve been following MotoringFile you’ll know that MINI is splitting its core model – the Cooper – into two distinct products. That means we’ll see two next generation MINI Coopers (hatches) built on opposite ends of the planet on two different platforms; one a EV (J01) and one ICE powered (F66). This move will allow MINI to offer innovative electric offerings while still selling to the traditional ICE market for as long as possible. 


Why no power increase? Simply put MINI is spending enormous sums of money to turn its entire range into EVs. With that massive investment as backdrop, the brand has had to be smart where it reinvents vs where it evolves its products. The F66 is the latter and will be a heavily evolved version of the F56. The good news is that the F56 is a great based in which to evolve from. It’s been the most successful new MINI yet and has an excellent track record in both reliability and performance.

The F66 will see styling changes that mirror the J01 and huge tech improvements inside the cabin. But mechanically it will be mostly the same car with just the Cooper S getting a noticeable engine upgrade (more on that soon).

That leaves the F66 JCW as a warmed over version of the F56 JCW with no manual option. However there is a caveat there. We have heard from other sources (unconfirmed) that there is still an outside chance MINI USA might bring back the manual option later in the F66 lifecycle as a special edition. While that rumor sounds fantastic to us, it is sadly unconfirmed at this time.

2025 MINI JCW Launch Timing

We’d expect a tiered launch starting with the Cooper and Cooper S, followed by a JCW model. This will all happen in the shadow of the entirely new and all electric J01 MINI Cooper which will launch late this year.

The F66 generation of the MINI Cooper on the other hand will begin initial production in March of 2024. Sources tell us the JCW will follow with production beginning in July 2024.

What do you think? Does the F66 JCW sound interesting with its styling changes and technology upgrades? Or is it a non-starter without a manual. Let us know below in the comments.