The all new MINI digital experience is a breathtaking change from what we have know for years. From the circular OLED screen to the modern yet funky interface, MINI has created something that feel truly differentiating in a sea of sameness. True to the brand, there is simply nothing like it in the marketplace. But what is it like to experience in person? We went hands-on with the new MINI digital experience in Munich recently and have a lot to say.

For those that missed our (very long) in-depth look at the new circular display and the MINI OS9, make sure to reach our full review here. If you’re hear for our video review, then you’re in the right place.

The New MINI Digital Experience – The Background

MINI is reinventing every aspect of the brand and it starts not just with what’s under the hood but what is on the dash. We recently went hands-on in Munich with the new 2024 J01 MINI Cooper Electric and its circular OLED display, experiencing the new MINI OS9 in-person. While we can’t yet spill everything about the car, we’re excited to finally lift the veil on this revolutionary new digital experience.

Last week we showed you the new MINI Cooper Electric interior. But the singe most interesting thing about the new interior was also the one thing we couldn’t talk about. Today we get to finally go into details on that circular OLED screen at the center of everything (or as MINI calls it, the MINI Interaction Unit).